The Cube: D&D 5e Adventure


Inspired by Diablo, The Cube is a special item that gives flair to any adventure. In this exciting D&D 5e adventure, an evil being from another world threatens the very existence of the universe. It is up to your party to travel to this strange land, encountering dangerous creatures and items the likes of which have never been seen before. It is up to them to stop this evil once and for all or risk the destruction of the universe.

Made for character levels 1-20, you can run this document alongside any campaign or use it as inspiration to help shape your story. With this document you will gain:

  • A semi-flexible storyline that can be incorporated into any campaign.
  • A town hub of interesting new NPCs.
  • New items to make your players more powerful.
  • 31 Runes and 22 special formulas to allow players to customize their own gear.

Of course, this only a taste of what you will encounter in the strange world of The Cube. This D&D 5e adventure was carefully crafted by our team at Level Up Corner and we all hope you enjoy it!

Keep on rolling, friends!


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