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Diversity in D&D: Wizards of the Coast is wrong!

Diversity in D&D has always existed and this article by Wizards about how they address diversity in D&D is completely wrong. Taking away evil in some of the races will completely change the world and make it less diverse. Diversity in D&D has always existed, and Wizards of the Coast’s stance of just getting rid […]

When to give out magic items in D&D 5e.
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When to give magic items in D&D 5e.

A common question is when to give magic items in D&D 5e. Most players want magic items as rewards all the time since it feels good to receive them but is that actually best? You determine when to give magic items in D&D 5e based on what game you are running. High magic, low magic, […]

Racism in D&D
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How to Deal With Racism in D&D!

Racism in D&D is something that most campaigns have to deal with. Whether it is the stereotypes of orcs or goblins as a race being bad, or elves vs dwarves there is usually some form of racism. Racism in D&D can be used to help us understand how it works in the real world. What […]

Science in D&D
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Adding Science in D&D

Science in D&D seems a little odd at first. We imagine playing D&D in a fantasy medieval world, but adding science into our games? We have magic so why should we add or not add science in D&D? Adding science in D&D depends on your game. You can add science to a D&D campaign, but […]

immature D&D players
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Dealing with immature D&D players

Immature D&D players can ruin a game if they persist. Immaturity may not be a terrible thing by itself and can be a great opportunity to teach new players, but immature D&D players can ruin games. Immature D&D players are able to destroy our D&D games. This can be a learning experience or a terrible […]

sidequests in D&D
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How to handle sidequests in D&D.

Sidequests in D&D are often times necissary in a campaign, but are done horribly. Sidequests in D&D are a requirement for most campaigns. They give time to breathe, build the world, and do not have to be a boring chore. Everyone starts off giving small sidequests like ‘kill the goblins’ or some stupid thing. After […]

slavery in D&D?
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Should we have slavery in D&D?

Should we have slavery in D&D or should we not? That question can trigger some people for either answer, but it depends on you and your game. We should have slavery in D&D if your group is alright with it and it fits in your world. You will need to really think about slavery to […]