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Cutscenes in D&D
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How to create good cutscenes in D&D

Cutscenes in D&D are a controversial topic. Some DMs say that any cutscene is a bad cutscene while other DMs really want to implement some cinematic theatrics. The truth about cutscenes in D&D is that we all do them. We all know how to make cutscenes good, but we try to put them in situations […]

being a co-dm
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Tips on being a co-dm.

Being a co-dm is an odd position. You can be a DM, a player, or someone who only helps with storyboarding. Being a co-dm requires the right situation, teamwork, and fit. Every co-dm situation is different but there are some universal rules to help you. The biggest tip on being a co-dm is to understand […]

D&D storytelling tips
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8 D&D storytelling tips

We have 8 D&D storytelling tips to help you improve your game. If you are looking to improve your storytelling, you need to know what you are after. There are 2 ways D&D storytelling tips can help you. Either you need to improve your story structure, or improve your delivery. If you need to improve […]

Stealth missions in D&D
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Advice for stealth missions in D&D

Stealth missions in D&D are all about not making the mistake that everyone has made. That is, to spend 3/4 of the session on 1 character. Stealth missions in D&D require you to be creative. You need to split the time evenly, go outside of the rules, and only give important information. These are the […]

Building cities in D&D
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6 time-saving tips to Building cities in D&D

Building cities in D&D is a monumental task if you want to completely build a city. Luckily, there are much better ways to build a city, town, or village. Building cities in D&D involves making things that your players will interact with. Start with small things, build-up, and don’t do too much. This sounds like […]